However, it can be communicated concerning different economic and financial sectors, specific information such as:

•Identification of Key Actors
•Identification of Business Opportunities
–    For non-Africans
–    For the Africans Diaspora in the World
–    For African economic actors

The consulting activity consists of providing decision-makers with information and analysis based on the expertise and experience of our high-level experts in all regions of Africa and around the world. These analyzes come from a strategic vision encompassing political, economic, social, cultural and geographical considerations.


In practice, SOLIHO has a particularly dense network of experts that makes it possible to conduct studies and produce reports on a broad spectrum of themes and activities.

The priority sectors and themes are:

  • Health / Social Protection
  • Research / New Technologies
  • Agriculture / Tourism
  • Blue Economy (fishing, maritime transport …)
  • Green economy
  • Infrastructure / Energy

To help public policymakers better design or evaluate public policies, SOLIHO proposes

to use the expertise of its experts in public and private environments to offer a relevant

perspective on development issues that concern Africa.


  • Streamline Financing Needs
  • Accompany Potential Borrowers Until Effective Fundraising

For SOLIHO, the search for funding consists of facilitating the possibility for public actors (States, local communities), regional institutions or private actors to access sources of funding.

To do this SOLIHO assists them in the structuring and arrangement of fundraising (contact with technical and financial partners, prioritization of possible financial offers depending on the economic and social context, .production of preliminary information memorandum for institutions financial resources, evaluation of fundraising potential …)


According to the Constitutive Act of the African Union, the diaspora is the sixth region of the continent. In doing so, it must do its part in terms of efforts and financial and intellectual contribution to face the challenges facing Africa. SOLIHO helps to disseminate economic and financial information about the activities of African diasporas.

Agenda 2063 is the strategic framework that Africa has for the next decades. Contributing to publicizing this framework of action by taking action towards the diaspora and friends of Africa is a priority. SOLIHO helps to make known the contents of this calendar.