CEO of SOLIHO Public Affairs

Liévin FELIHO … Liévin FELIHO is a Frenchman born in Benin. He can claim a perfect mastery of administrative law, social law and litigation, as well as a specialist in public policies (design, conduct and evaluation). Besides his solid legal experience of interactions with actors such as the French Government or the SAMUP union (a major union of the cultural sector founded in 1901 by Gustave CHARPENTIER which defends and supports musicians), Liévin FELIHO is a regular interlocutor of leaders of institutions such as the African Union, the European Union, the United Nations and their associated organizations.


While working at the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (2011-2016), Liévin FELIHO moved from the world of the application of the law to that of its production. In this capacity, he was able to draft decrees ratified by the President of the Republic or the Prime Minister. He was also appointed Government Commissioner by the Prime Minister for the examination of several legislative texts in the Sénat and the Assemblée Nationale (notably 20 January 2014 act guaranteeing the future and justice of the pension system and several social security financing bills). Still as Government Commissioner, he defended several draft regulations in different sections of the Conseil d’État.


In addition, he helped to exercise the State’s supervision over several special social security schemes for the social security coverage of soldiers, sailors, staff of the Opéra National de Paris and staff of the Comédie Française. As such, he sat on the board of directors of each of the funds managing these social security schemes and had to analyze and assess their respective budgets, totaling more than 4 billion euros per year. As State representative in these national bodies, Mr. FELIHO has knowledge of the functioning of the State and the defense of public interests.


Concerning the cultural sector, Liévin FELIHO’s experience is particularly marked by his work at SAMUP (over 3,600 members), where he headed the legal department (2001-2008). In this context he has had to ensure the daily defense of artists of music, conservatory teachers and actors but also be a contact of the public authorities (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Labor etc.). He was particularly committed to artists under the 2006 Copyright and Neighboring Rights in the Information Society Act (DADVSI).


Liévin FELIHO is also the founder of the pan-African think tank CHERPAA.

His expertise in international development issues gives him an ability to embrace the issues of human capital management and the major challenges facing Africa.


A vast network of high-level experts … SOLIHO has a particularly dense network of high-level African or international experts who can be assigned to files corresponding to topics like health, social protection , research, technology, agriculture, tourism, economy…